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new changes | revamping beautifullycurled | #comeback

Here I am. 
Back again.
Trying to pick up the pieces and loose ends.
Sooooo much has happened since my last post (as it should). 
Nevertheless, my heart brought me back to my outlet.
I have some exciting news! I have decided to take my blog to the next level and self-host over at 
The original plan was to transfer all my posts here over to the Wordpress platform but I have been running into all kinds of formatting issues that I really have little tolerance in troubleshooting and altering any coding in that aspect.
Sooooo, I decided to start fresh on my Wordpress blog (still the same web addy: {site not ready yet}) and revert this blog to
It is bittersweet because I have invested so much time and energy on this space but I am super excited for what I have envisioned in this transition from free hosting (Blogger) to self hosting (Wordpress).
The learning curve is overwhelming but I am slowly warming up to Wor…

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